Supporting the Mission

Michael Hornstein, Executive Director

Alina Lodge is operated by Little Hill Foundation, a not-for profit organization. Simply stated we rely on the generosity of donors to meet our budget every year. We are proud to offer one of the lowest daily rates in the country. We could not do this without the kindness of friends, families, alumni and foundations that support us with contributions and grants.

We hope you will join in this effort by philanthropically supporting the mission of Alina Lodge with a gift. Alina Lodge is not your pampering, high-end luxury rehab. But it is the kind of place that saves lives from alcoholism and drug addiction. Alina Lodge's treatment program has a high standard for success. We firmly believe our success is directly attributed to our comprehensive approach and the longevity of our program. The work done here makes a difference in not only the student's life, but the lives of all the family members as well.

Alina Lodge saves lives. We like to do that with as little financial cost to the family as possible. If a family runs out of funds before the student is deemed ready for discharge, we will do our very best to provide a discount or offer scholarship funds on a case by case basis. Your contribution to the Scholarship Fund will help support this crucial piece of our mission.

Every donation is a gift. Every dollar makes a difference. We treasure the donations we receive, and make sure they are judiciously spent on programming, scholarships or building maintenance - these are the items that enable our clinical team to provide the best possible treatment to our students. As you consider donating to Alina, know that we are forever grateful for your support. Give what you can, and help change a life.


Michael Hornstein

Michael Hornstein

Executive Director Emeritus

As a 501(c)3, we operate solely as a non-profit organization and your contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Visit for information.

Building and Sustaining a Legacy

Geraldine O. Delaney, founder of the Lodge, said “to live is to love.” No words ring more true when recognizing the legacy of Mrs. Delaney and the efforts of the Alina Lodge staff to promote addiction recovery and the promise of a sober day ahead.

The Alina Lodge Legacy Society is designed to offer benefactors an additional method of generously supporting the programs of the Lodge. Through the Alina Lodge Legacy Society, benefactors have an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy, promising a future of hope and a lifetime of recovery.

Contact the Little Hill Foundation Philanthropy Director at (800)-575-6343 to get started!